1. Question: How can I apply for a Permit?
Answer: The necessary links to permit and insurance application forms can be by accessing the “Permits and Insurance” page.
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2.  Question: What type of insurance is required for film production in Atlantic City?
Answer: The minimum requirement for insurance is operations liability and completed operations coverage in a minimum amount of one (1) million dollars per occurrence and two (2) million dollars in the aggregate.
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3. Question: What kind of tax incentives does New Jersey offer?
Answer: New Jersey offers a transferable tax credit equal to 30% (35% in the following municipalities: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, or Salem County) of qualified production expenses provided the production company meets the requirements.
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4. Question: Are there location photos available?
Answer: Location photos are available on the reel scout page which can be accessed through the homepage or the link below.
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5. Question: What kind of parking is available?
Answer: Please refer to the link for parking at the Atlantic City Convention Center and throughout Atlantic City.
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6. Question: Is there office space available?
Answer: There is office space available in Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall and the Atlantic City Convention Center.
To learn more, call (609) 449-715.


7. Question: Does Atlantic City Film Commission offer drone filming?
Answer: Yes, permitted through Atlantic City.


8. Question: Are there fees required to film around different Atlantic City attractions?
Answer: Fees are not required for public spaces, however permits and insurances are necessary. Fees are required for private businesses with varying costs.